Corporate Members: shall only be cement or clinker manufacturers. Corporate Member applicants shall nominate a natural person to represent them together with an alternate. The Corporate Member representatives must be at senior level, Chairman, CEO, General Manager or have top level responsibility for the member company or its cement division.

Associate Corporate Members: companies which support the cement and clinker industry including, but not limited to; equipment manufacturers, construction products producers, admixture manufacturers, traders, shippers, media construction materials producers.

Affiliate Members:  Not for profit organizations related to objects of the WCA including, but not limited to, Regional or National cement associations.

Individual members: Any of the above company type Members can apply for additional individual members for their personnel. Other applicants may be eligible for individual membership provided their organisation could not otherwise fit the requirements above.


Every MEMBER accepts the WCA Rules of Conduct and agrees to abide in full compliance with the letter and spirit of the antitrust laws and shall not use membership of the Association or any Association function or event to circumvent or breach antitrust laws. Members will follow the Guidance on Avoiding Anti-Competitive Practices issued by the Association.


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About Us

The World Cement Association aims to represent and promote the Cement Industry Worldwide as well as the commercial and legal interests of its Members.

The World Cement Association is an independent not-for-profit organization registered in England No. 10187292 under English law.


Watch this space for information about

WCA Conference, General Assembly and Gala Dinner 2017 

London Office

World Cement Association

New Broad Street House
35 New Broad Street

United Kingdom

Email: info@worldcementassociation.org

+44 333 939 80 83
+44 771 492 83 58


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