WCA General Assembly and Conference 2018

WCA World Cement Conference

“Future for Cement Industry”

in association with INTERCEM

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The Royal Garden Hotel, London, UK

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Tuesday 4th December


Delegate Check-in


Welcome Reception

Wednesday 5th December


Registration and morning coffee


World Cement Association General Assembly

(Open only to members of the WCA)


WCA World Cement Conference in association with Intercem

“Future for the Cement Industry”

Introduction to the first session of the World Cement Association conference


Session 1 - Cement Demand and Supply 2025

The current status of the global cement industry. Demand and supply forecasts for all the major markets. A special report prepared exclusively by On-Field Research, the new leaders in cement industry information.

Yassine Touahri Managing and Arnaud Pinatel, Partners, On-Field Research. United Kingdom and France.


Questions and Discussion




Session 2 - Digitalisation: Introduction


How the digital world is impacting on the cement and construction industries

In common with the rest of industry, the impact of digitalisation is having a profound effect on the development of the global cement and construction industries. The production process all the way through to the completed project is now a digital highway.

Speakers to be confirmed


Is there an ‘Uber’ moment for the cement industry?

A review of new technology and building techniques that have the potential to completely change industry dynamics. Will the cement industry be forced to address a new reality and prepare for a different sort of competition from a yet, unknown competitor? S

Speakers to be confirmed




Session 3 - New Regulations  for Cement Industry

The industrial world is confronted with a complicated web of regulation. Governments are calling on industry to be coordinated whilst they themselves remain uncoordinated and lacking in direction. The cement industry is working diligently towards sustainability and climate awareness, but the lack of a global consensus is damaging an opportunity to achieve it.

Speakers to be confirmed


China and its future role in the global cement community

As the producer of more than 50% of the world’s cement, China has a unique opportunity to provide a lead in how the industry will develop. 

Speakers to be confirmed


Questions and panel discussion


Conference closing remarks


Drinks Reception


Gala Dinner with entertainment from London’s leading Musicals

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4, 5 December 2018

London, Royal Garden Hotel

WCA General Assembly 2018

WCA Conference with Intercem



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