President's Message

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Song Zhiping, WCA President, ex-CNBM Chairman and Party Secretary


The World Cement Association (WCA) was established in London in May 2016. Over this time, WCA has experienced the transition from startup to stable development. As you know, setting up an international organisation is not easy. The cement industry is large, but before WCA was established, the industry didn’t have such an organisation, different from other industries such as the automobile, steel and textile sectors, all of which have their dedicated global associations. At the time, a handful of cement enterprises came together to set up WCA in London and asked me to serve as the first President. WCA now has members in over 30 countries, with members continuing to increase in number. Since its establishment, WCA is becoming known by increasingly more people, and our 2019 conference in Shanghai has attracted interest from a large number of organisations and cement enterprises.

Our original idea for the WCA was that it would be an organisation of cement manufacturers. Now, quite a few enterprises in engineering services and related sectors also hope to join for in-depth cooperation and information exchanges. I believe this is a good thing. At a board meeting held in September 2019, I agreed that related enterprises in manufacturing, cement plant turnkey projects and services could join WCA and I hope that more and more manufacturers will join us. Since its establishment, WCA has held several important meetings. The 1st and the 2nd World Cement Conference were held in London. In June 2018, we held the 1st WCA Global Climate Change Forum in Paris, France. Out of deep concern for climate change, many members joined the forum and we invited some experts and scholars to discuss climate change-related issues.

Throughout 2020 and into 2021, Covid-19 has altered global economic directions, and the cement industry strives to find new balance and new directions among changes.  The challenge is ongoing, with the uneven resumption of work and production, and the decline of cement sales and revenues.

Due to the pandemic, the regular activities and events such as the annual conference, member forums, etc. cannot be carried out. In face of challenges like economic downturn and production shutdown, WCA members are in urgent need of communication and information sharing.

Under these circumstances, WCA launched innovative offerings by using online platforms like Zoom, WeChat, Dingding, and so on. We’ve hosted more than 20 webinar sessions on the themes of “Covid-19 & the Cement Industry” and “Life After Covid-19”. A cumulative audience of about 3500 executives, experts, association heads, engineers, etc. participated. Besides, we’ve hosted “Voice from the Cement Industry” video interviews with our members, organised virtual member forums and conducted podcasts to discuss current affairs and topical subjects in the industry. By doing so, WCA continues its services to its members and sustains to share information and experiences through its brand-new communication and networking platform. WCA firmly stands by our members for their efforts to adapt to the current situation, counter the pandemic, secure growth and make contributions to economic development. 


I’d now like to share with you what WCA does and what principles WCA respects. WCA follows four principles.

First, WCA is the original international cement association, with members coming from both developed and developing countries. Its focus on emerging economies is one of its key features. For instance, in some countries, cement enterprises have a limited capacity of only million tons or less per year, but they are, as equals, warmly welcomed to WCA. Regardless of the size of its members, WCA pays close attention to emerging markets in developing countries and cares about the development of enterprises in these countries. This is a major feature of WCA. Therefore, WCA is not merely a club for large players, but an organisation of global cement enterprises that pays attention to cement enterprises in emerging economies.

Second, all WCA corporate members have the same rights whether large or small, whether from emerging economies or development countries, which is very important. Members from emerging economies especially hope for equal rights, a sense of belonging and freedom to express their opinions. WCA is exactly such a platform, which offers opportunities to both magnate enterprises and SMEs in emerging economies for being heard.

Third, WCA offers practical services to help members improve their business through knowledge exchange and sharing of best practices. Serving our members and improving their businesses is one of the core tasks of WCA.

Fourth, WCA supports a sustainable cement industry and encourages technical development and other steps to achieve full decarbonisation. This is one of our major tasks. As you know, the Paris Agreement sets strict limit for carbon emissions and this is where WCA needs make continuous efforts. With respect to carbon emissions, cement accounts for 7% of the entire industry and we shall pay great attention to carbon emission reductions across the industry. 

Enhancing the co-existence of cement production and the natural environment is one of WCA's priority areas, and I believe it is a means for the cement industry to achieve long-term development as well. There are several ways to achieve the co-existence. First, conserve energy and reduce emission through technology innovation and equipment R & D, and minimize consumption and emission during production. Second, restore ecological environment in time, step up efforts to rehabilitate quarry and restore quarry ecology. Third, reduce environmental loads by bringing clean energy such as WHR, solar power and wind power into full use. Fourth, promote advanced technologies such as co-processing by cement kilns, CCUS, etc. and use them to clean the environment for human beings.

I’m convinced that with the joint efforts of all the members and with the support of everyone, WCA will realise extraordinary development and achievement. Ladies and gentlemen, the development of the cement industry shall keep in line with the world development. As an independent organisation representing the global cement industry and its stakeholders, WCA will continue its commitments to promoting the sustainable development of the industry, the harmonious co-existence between cement production and environmental protection. We will be committed to leading the world cement industry to reshape new market competition patterns.

Thank you.