SAMPYO Cement is the Newest Corporate Member of WCA

London, 29 August 2019 – The World Cement Association announced today that South Korea’s SAMPYO Cement, a leading cement producer established in 1957, has joined the international association as a Corporate Member.

“We are very pleased to welcome SAMPYO Cement on board as the newest member of the WCA family,” said Vincent Lefebvre, Chairman of the World Cement Association. “SAMPYO is a world-class company that has already shown it is capable of competing in the global marketplace and we look forward to supporting them in achieving their goals in the years ahead.”

SAMPYO Cement maintains an annual production capacity of 11 million tpa which is shipped to customers across South Korea, but also the USA, Africa and Japan, where it has received a cement quality assessment license from the Ministry of Construction of Japan. It now exports over 200,000 tpa to this market.

The firm also takes advantage of its expertise in deploying cutting-edge technology over decades in the business, including automated monitoring and control of facilities, and using statistical quality management systems.

SAMPYO Cement is involved in a number of socially responsible initiatives such as contributing to the reconstruction of vulnerable areas, and cultivating an ethical and human-based corporate culture. It is highly engaged in several environmental practices such as resource recycling, air pollution management and water quality management.

“We are very proud that we have not only managed to develop a strong market position in the international cement sector, but also maintain high ethical end environmental standards for our business,” said Moon JongGoo, CEO of SAMPYO Cement. “We’ve admired the work already done by the WCA to raise awareness of some of the central environmental and technological issues and opportunities faced by our industry today, and we look forward to contributing to this global discussion as Corporate Members going forward.”

The World Cement Association will be welcoming senior leaders from across the global cement sector to the annual WCA World Cement Conference, held this year from September 9th-11th in Shanghai. The event will cover the latest thinking on sustainability and new technologies as well as the major challenges and opportunities faced by the industry.

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