"We Have Enough Cement Capacity for the Next 25 Years!" - World Cement Association's Director Stresses at Annual Conference in Dubai

London 25 October - The World Cement Association's (WCA) Director, Ali Emir Adiguzel, addressed a gathering of distinguished industry leaders on Tuesday at the WCA's 6th Annual Conference, taking place in Dubai on October 24 and 25. During his speech, he highlighted the current state of the global cement industry, emphasizing the challenges it faces. Mr. Adiguzel underlined that the industry is grappling with a significant surplus, saying: "We have enough cement for the next 25 years."

 While it was anticipated that cement volumes would remain subdued, global demand has substantially weakened. Although the industry has successfully passed on the increased cost prices to its customers, particulalrly in mature markets in Europe (+15%), the primary challenge facing the cement industry today is meeting stringent emission targets and embracing carbon capture technologies.

"Despite our achievements, there is more work to be done in the years to come. To reach our Net Zero goal by 2050, we must significantly reduce carbon emissions. The technologies and mechanisms for this endeavor appear available, though currently miniscule, and not economically fully feasible. Regulatory frameworks must evolve to minimize costs for end customers. Collaboration between the private and public sectors is imperative to facilitate carbon reduction," said Mr. Adiguzel.

 The cement industry possesses the capacity to turn waste into fuel, recycling construction and demolition waste, and utlizing clinker substitutes, which are currently being underutilized. Promoting renewable energy and market-driven carbon pricing mechanisms should drive investments in decarbonization technologies. Coupled with increased funding for new technologies, the ultimate goal is to achieve a Net Zero CO2 industry by 2050.

Mr. Adigzuel stressed the urgency by stating: "The time to act is now. We possess the tools, knowledge, and commitment to transform this vision into reality. Together, we can make substantial strides towards shaping a sustainable future for the cement industry and, by extension, our planet."