WCA Hosts Its First Member Forum on Smart Plants and AI in the Cement Industry – Part 1

10 December 2019 - On the 5th and 7th December 2019, the World Cement Association hosted its very first Members-Only forum at Anhui Conch and Zanhuang BBMG in China on the topic of Smart Plants and AI in cement industry operations. 19 plant and engineering managers and automation specialists representing 11 companies attended the one-day workshop, hosted by the WCA in collaboration with Conch and BBMG.

Exhibition AI Plant 15th December saw the WCA forum attendees at Quanjiao Conch, in Anhui, China, where they were warmly welcomed by Mr Yin Xuebing, the plant’s General Manager. The aim of this first day of the Smart Plant and AI forum was to promote the upgrading of energy-saving and emissions reductions technology amongst WCA members, by sharing the best practices and advanced AI technologies of Anhui Conch.

The delegates were taken on a comprehensive tour of Quanjiao Conch’s Smart Plant and AI facilities, which were first put into operation in August 2018, including visits to the central control room, the exhibition hall, smart lab, the intelligent equipment management and audit centre and the intelligent quarry centre. During the visit, delegates were able to conduct in-depth exchanges with Conch personnel, and much appreciation was expressed for the advanced technology that was shown to them.

Following the tour, the forum delegates attended an Intelligent Plant conference. This was opened by Mr Yin Xuebing, who introduced the Conch Group, which is one of the largest building materials enterprises in China, with sectors iGroup at AI Plant 1ncluding cement manufacturing and international trade. Attendees were then able to share their company best practice, discuss the challenges and key issues that they face with regards to smart plants and AI, and also hold a Q&A session with Conch staff. 

This forum was hosted following the World Cement Conference in September 2019, in order to generate value-added services for WCA members. WCA member forums aim to promote the common progress of global cement companies, promote best technology, share experience and provide practical services. Our Members-Only forums are open to WCA Corporate and Associate Corporate members. Any upcoming forums will be advertised on our Events page.