Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing Conference 2022


Lightening the Impact of Heavy Industry - The European Green Deal commits the EU to carbon neutrality by 2050 and policymakers want industry to ‘pave the way’ with a transition towards net zero emissions for a cleaner, healthier future. Hosting leaders from the worlds of industry, innovation, science, government and investment, Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing (SIM) in Belgium will provide an opportunity for those at the frontier of cleaner manufacturing to present sustainable solutions to business leaders from across five hard-to-abate sectors.


28-29 June 2022


Brussels Expo, Brussels, Belgium


Join Ian Riley on Tuesday 28 June, from 11:00-11:45 for a panel discussion on the topic of Business not as usual: How can industrials get a head start on the race to net zero? Decarbonising will take time and money. It means rethinking production processes and rebuilding or retrofitting existing sites. Strategies must consider short-term actions and long-term solutions for transformation that keeps all stakeholders on board. This session will bring together leaders from across the hard-to-abate sectors to explore how industrials should systematically approach lowering their carbon emissions with a particular focus on scope 1 and 2 emissions. How can companies identify the measures to deploy to ensure both environmental and economic sustainability?

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