December 6, 2019

Conch Jining Plant, Shandong Province, China

Cement companies are faced with increasingly stringent emissions restrictions, especially for NOx. There are a number of ways in which NOx emissions can be reduced, but the cost of these vary significantly depending on circumstances.

This workshop saw approximately 20 WCA member delegates visiting Jining Conch, a best practice Low NOx plant where the latest technology has been implemented. Participants also had the opportunity to present the challenges and ideas in use at their own plants.

December 5th and 7th 2019

Quanjiao Conch & Zanhuang BBMG, China.

Applying the latest technology in automation and machine learning AI to management of cement plants offer significant benefits in terms of cost, product quality and emissions. AI can be applied to the whole management system of the plant from quarrying to dispatch.

This first-of-its-kind WCA forum saw 20 delegates attend a two-day workshop at Quanjiao Conch and Zanhuang BBMG in China to visit examples of best practice in the industry with regards to smart plants and AI. 

In 2019, the WCA hosted its third annual conference from 9th-11th September at the Hyatt Hotel in Shanghai, China. This event brought together delegates from across the world, representing companies from the cement and concrete industry and its supply chains. 

Keynote speakers included Mr Song Zhiping, Chairman of CNBM and Mr Gao Dengbang, Chairman of the China Cement Association, whilst the speaker topics covered included global outlooks, emission reduction practices, the use of AI and waste co-processing. 

The WCA hosted its 2018 Annual Conference on the theme of “Future for the Cement Industry”, in association with INTERCEM, in Kensington, London. It also concurrently held its annual General Assembly and a Gala Dinner for members. 

The World Cement Association hosted its first Global Climate Change Forum in Paris, from 27th-28th June 2018.

The aim of this forum was to urge the global cement industry to increase efforts to adopt new technologies faster and put greater focus on innovation in order to make crucial progress on reducing CO2 emissions.