Opening of the Meeting 

by Zhiping SONG, WCA President


How can the global cement sector contribute to a carbon neutral built environment?

Presentations - Debate- Questions & Answers


The International Energy Agency (Cecilia Tam, Acting Head of the Energy Technology and Policy Division)

“Low Carbon Technology Roadmap for the Global Cement Sector”


CDP (Marco Kisic, Senior Analyst)

“Building pressure: Which cement companies are prepared for the low carbon transition?”


International Finance Corporation (Alzbeta Klein, Director Climate Business)

“Construction Materials and Their Role in Carbon-Neutral Built Environment”


World Green Building Council (Terri Wills, CEO)

“The low carbon transition in the global construction sector”


International Chamber of Commerce (Majda Dabaghi, Senior Policy Executive – Environment and Energy)

“Which enabling regulatory framework does business need?”


Views and actions from the Global Cement Sector: Innovation at every level! 

Presentations, Debates, Questions & Answers


Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd. (Dr Tongbo Sui, Vice President)

“Progressing towards a Sustainable China Cement Industry”


The EPFL University of Lausanne (Dr Karen Scrivener, Professor) and Cementis GmbH (Anne Dekeukelaere, Managing Director)

“LC3: a breakthrough for the cement industry”


Urbasolar (Arnaud Mine, President & Founder)

“Deployment of Renewable Energy in the Cement Sector: opportunities from photovoltaic”


SPIRE (Daniel Gauthier, Chairman)

“The European Research and Innovation Public Private Partnership and its contribution to a “well-below 2 degrees” and circular future”


The World Cement Association Climate Action Plan


Close of the Meeting

by Zhiping SONG, WCA President