WCA Annual Conference 2021 - Agenda

The 2021 WCA Virtual Annual Conference, "Accelerating the Cement & Concrete Industry's Path to Net Zero", will be held over two days and divided into thematic blocks. There will be breaks between each block to allow for networking, sponsor rooms, flash presentations and meetings. 

All timings are in UK British Summer Time. 




7.15 - Introduction and Welcome: Ian Riley, CEO, WCA


Block 1 - Decade of Action: Now to 2030

7.30 - Keynote: "Decade of Action: Now to 2030" - Lord Adair Turner, Chair, Energy Transition Commission

8.00 - President's Address: "No More Words, Actions Are Needed" - Song Zhiping, President, WCA

8.30 - Panel Discussion: "Key Challenges in Decarbonising Hard to Abate Industry" - (Chair) Nik Gowing, Founder, Thinking the Unthinkable; Mahendra Singhi, CEO, Dalmia Bharat Cement; Nikki Grady-Smith, Senior VP City & Corporate ‎Integrated Solutions; Maria Mendiluce, CEO, We Mean Business Coalition

9.15 - Presentation: "WCA's Roadmap to Net Zero" - Matthias Mersmann, CTO, KHD Humboldt Wedag


Block 2 - CCUS and Hydrogen

10.00 - Panel Discussion: "CCS and the Cement Industry - Where We Are & What's Needed for Net Zero" - (Chair) Ian Riley, CEO, WCA; Guloren Turan, General Manager Advocacy & Communications, Global CCS Institute; Daniel Rennie, General Manager Cement Decarbonisation, Calix Global; Eberhart Wusterhaus, Commercial Director Europe, Carbon Clean

11.00 - Presentations and Q&A: "Low Carbon Power - Renewables & Hydrogen" - Dr Wang Lan, Academic Lead, China Building Materials Academy; Gui Yinyin, Technical Department Executive Head, Anhui Conch



11.30 - Fives: "Turning Clay into a Major Zero Carbon Clinker Substitute" - Jean-Michel Charmet, Pyroprocess Product Manager

12.00 - Seebo: "Reducing Quality, Energy & Throughput Losses with Automated Root Cause Analysis" - Liran Akavia, COO & Co-Founder

12.30 - Sinoma International Engineering Co. Ltd: "Best Practice Tips on the Operation of Primary Crushing Plants" - Stefan Koch, Mechanical Engineer


Block 3 - Reducing CO2 Through Innovation

13.00 - Presentations and Expert Q&A:  "LC3 - What's Happening and How Can We Accelerate Deployment?" - Anne Dekeukelaere, CEO, Cementis; Dr Sui Tongbo, Sinoma International Engineering Co. Ltd; Tony Hadley, Consultant, THAA

14.00 - Presentation Sponsored by KHD Humboldt Wedag: "Stepwise Approach Towards Net Zero with Flexible and Efficient Solutions from KHD" - Matthias Mersmann, CTO

14.35 - Presentation: "Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Cement - Sharing Best Practices" - Ashwani Pahuja, Chief Sustainability Officer, Damia Bharat Cement

14.55 - Panel Discussion: "Can Cement and Concrete Become Carbon Negative?" - (Chair) Ian Riley, WCA CEO; Sada Sahu, Principle Scientist, Solidia Technologies; Apoorv Sinha, CEO, Carbon Upcycling Technologies; Ryan Cialdella, VP Innovation & Market Development, Ozinga; Ryo Okumura, Department Manager Upstream and Carbon Management, Mitsubishi Corp


Block 4 - Financing the Transition

16.00 - Keynote: "Green Finance Opportunities for the Cement Transition" - Lilian Tu, Global Sector Lead for Base Materials & Marek Stec, Senior Industry Specialist, IFC

16.30 - Panel Discussion: "Alternative Financing for Decarbonising Cement" - (Chair) Julie Katzman, Former COO, Inter-American Development Bank; Eric Trusiewicz, Stanford Fellow; Francois Millet, Head of ETF Strategy, ESG & Innovation, Lyxor

17.20 - Presentation & Interview: "Voluntary Carbon Markets, Carbon Prices and Demand" - Seth Baruch, CEO, Carbonomics with Harry Dempsey, Industry Reporter, Financial Times




8.15 - Welcome Back and Summary of Day 1 - Ian Riley, CEO, WCA & Cui Xingtai, Chairman, CUCC


Block 1 - Digitalisation and the Model Plant

8.30 - Presentation and Virtual Site Visit: "CUCC's Tai'an Model Plant and Management Principles"

9.30 - Presentation Sponsored by Boyu: "Application of Large Plate Chain Bucket Elevator in the Roller Press Grinding System" - Zhu Guifang, Chief Engineer, Boyu

10.10 - Presentations on Innovation and Digitalisation with Industry 4.0 Technologies, plus Q&A - Alex Karim, Product Marketing Manager – IoT & Mixed Reality, Microsoft; Fokion Tasoulas, Executive Director, Titan Cement; Feng Mei, Senior Competency Centre Manager, Schneider Electric China


Block 2 - The Wider Sustainability Picture Presentations

12.00 - Zero Harm - Anil Raman, Health & Safety Director, YTL Cement

12.25 - What is the Architecture & Planning Perspective on Cement & Climate Change? - Vivian Loftness, Smart Surfaces Coalition

12.50 - Cement in a CO2 Neutral World - Renewables and Green Energy - Araceli Fernandez Pales, IEA

1.15 - Housekeeping - CUCC's Clean Plant: Maintenance and Landscaping

1.40 - Use of Biomass to Reduce Fuel Emissions - Jens Price Wolf, General Manager and VP Commercial, Enviva Biomass


Block 3 - The Future of Cement

14.15 - Presentation: "Developments in Global Cement Markets" - Arnaud Pinatel & Yassine Touahri, Founders, On Field Investment Research

14.35 - Plenary Panel: "Key Trends Affecting the Future of Cement and Concrete" - Ian Riley, CEO, WCA; Roland van Wijnen, CEO, PPC Africa; Herb Burton, Regional VP & General Manager, US Concrete; Yassine Touahri, Founding Partner, On Field Investment Research

15.20 - Event Close: Ian Riley, CEO, WCA



Plus Flash Presentations Throughout the Event:

Ian Riley, WCA - "Introducing WCA's PEGASUS Programme" - 9.45am, 20th October

David Kim, Cyanocapture - "The Road to Net Zero: Is There a Fairer Way For Industries to Decarbonise?" - 10.50am, 20th October

Dr Liz Gilligan, MEVO - "Geopolymers as Part of the Pathway to Net Zero" - 11.25am, 20th October

Brent Constantz, Blue Planet - "CarbonStar: A Standard for Quantifying Embodied Carbon in Concrete" - 1.55pm, 20th October

Brent Constantz, Blue Planet - "Sequestering Carbon Dioxide in the Built Environment" - 3.45pm, 20th October

Anders Noe Dam, FLSmidth - "Standardisation & Industry 4.0" - 11.10am, 21st October

Paula Carey, Carbon8 Systems - "Carbon Capture, Carbonation & Cement - How Can We Deliver CCUS Today?" - 11.50am, 21st October

Karen Scrivener, EPFL - "Updates on LC3" - 12.40pm, 21st October