18 May 2022

World Cement

Ian Riley, Ma Qingfang, Shen Lili and Manon Burbidge, WCA, have produced a regional report on China for World Cement magazine. They discuss challenges such as demand plateau, overcapacity and environmental regulations, as well as new opportunities for the cement industry in China. 

13 May 2022

Cement Products

Ian Riley has been interviewed for Cement Products magazine on the benefits of the PEGASUS programme, particularly the pros of collaboration, cooperation and sharing of best practices on identified topics of priority to participants following the benchmarking process..

30 April 2022

International Cement Review

WCA's Ian Riley and Manon Burbidge, WCA Members Concrete AI and Carbon Re, and Titan Cement have written an article for ICR on potential applications of machine learning and AI in the cement and concrete industry.

April 2022

International Cement Review

Manon Burbidge and Joanna Qin Li, WCA, and Tzu-Pong Chang, Asia Cement, have co-authored an article for the 3rd Edition of the ICR Cement Plant Environmental Handbook on quarry rehabilitation, nature-based solutions and biodiversity restoration, using Asia Cement's Si Chen San Quarry in Taiwan as a case study.

30 March 2022

World Cement

WCA, with contributions from PPC AfricaDalmia Bharat Group and CUCC have authored an article on global efforts to reduce NOx, SOx and dust emissions in cement manufacture for World Cement magazine.

25 March 2022

Design & Build UK

Ian Riley (CEO) and Manon Burbidge (Policy & Communications Manager) have written an article for Design & Build UK on Innovating to Net Zero - New Technology for Low Carbon Cements, discussing the three traditional levers, CCUS and LC3.