12 April 2021 - In this podcast, Ian talks to Berkan Fidan, Performance and Process Director at Oyak Cement, about the company's new LC3 plant in Ivory Coast. They discuss the benefits of LC3, the project's logistics, how it was affected by the COVID pandemic, and the potential of using calcined clay for the reduction of the cement industry's CO2 emissions. 

17 March 2021 - In this podcast, Ian talks to Rainer Nobis, author of new book "Illustrated History of Cement and Concrete". Rainer shares his insights into the history of the material, from before the Ancient Egyptians, its use as a key defence element in WW2, to what the future holds for cement and concrete.

8 March 2021 - In this International Women's Day special of the Clinker Factor podcast, Ian Riley talks to women from four WCA member companies about their careers in the industry, their perspectives on the sector's high level of gender imbalance, and offering a global perspective on what can be done to address this issue. 

1 March 2021 - In Part 3 of our Technology and Decarbonisation mini-series with KHD, Matthias and Ian take a deep-dive into the technology behind using alternative fuels in the cement industry, including how to categorise alternative fuels, issues with NOx and contaminants, biogenetic materials and industry 4.0.

22 January 2021 - In Part 2 of our Technology and Decarbonisation mini-series with KHD, Matthias and Ian explore the development of more energy efficient grinding technologies and the increasing importance of tightly controlled particle size distribution in achieving improved cement performance and lower emissions.

11 January 2021 - In our first podcast of 2021, Rob Niven, CEO of Canadian company "CarbonCure" joins Ian Riley to discuss what start-ups in the cement and concrete industries can learn from technology company business models to drive the rapid uptake and scale-up of CO2 reduction innovations. They also discuss the possibility of carbon removal through concrete, as well as the policy and regulation needed to support the adoption of new technologies in this sector.